Carpet Booth Studios

Recording and production | Comfortable and professional atmosphere | Rochester, Minnesota



Carpet Booth can receive cash payments and deposits in person at Carpet Booth Studios. As we may be in a session with an artist/client, please call before you stop by to check our availability.

  • Phone Number: 507-244-0540
  • Address:
    • 208 Broadway Ave N, Suite A, Rochester, MN 55906
      • *Enter from the south face of the building, around the corner from Fast Signs. You'll find our logo on the door by the loading dock. We are down the hallway on the right.


Carpet Booth can receive checks for payments and deposits. You can drop off a check at the studio, per the instructions given for in-person cash payments, or mail a check with the following information:

  • Write check out to: Carpet Booth Studios
  • Mail check to:
    • Carpet Booth Studios (Attn: Zach Zurn), 208 Broadway Ave N, Suite A, Rochester, MN 55906

electronic payment

Carpet Booth primarily uses Google Wallet to request and receive electronic payments and deposits. You can send payments with Google Wallet to the following email address. You can find info on how to pay with Google Wallet here.


If needed, we can receive payment through Venmo with the following username receiving the payment:

  • zzurn