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Anywhere from simple voiceover, podcasting, and vocal work, to full EP and album production, Carpet Booth records, arranges, provides instrumentation, and offers artistic direction to artists, bands, and ensembles. Carpet Booth uses high quality outboard gear, software, microphones, treated spaces, and instruments to provide a wonderful sonic product. With our large live room and multiple isolation booths, many configurations of bands can record in our studio. Some prefer to track instruments piece by piece, while others decide to utilize our entire space for full band/ensemble recording at once. Our team can help you decide what’s best for your project.


Whether you record at Carpet Booth, at another studio, or at home, Carpet Booth can offer high quality editing, mixing, and mastering to make your tracks sound incredible. Editing includes services like time edits, vocal tuning, audio repair, re-amping, and more. Using a blend of plugins/DSP/software & hardware/outboard gear, Carpet Booth also ensures that your creative vision is met with our mixes and masters.

On location recording

Looking to record an upcoming show, a choir rehearsal, or your solo gig at an open mic? Carpet Booth can provide professional quality recording on location wherever you need it. Using our high quality mobile recording rig we can help you capture the atmosphere and energy unique to you and the location. Our partnership with Cafe Steam in downtown Rochester provides an ongoing opportunity for anyone playing the coffee shop circuit. Playing at Steam? Click here.


In this day and age, listeners not only want to hear your music, but see you perform it. Carpet Booth's high quality gear and trained engineers will provide you with incredible sounding recordings, and through our partnership with the best videographers in the area, Carpet Booth makes sure your music is paired with interesting, artistic, and intentional video and visuals. The aesthetic and vibe of our space is an incredible backdrop for your live sessions, no matter what the genre may be.


Do you have an idea for a song or have you started a piece that you're finding you're stuck on? Carpet Booth can help you with writing lyrics, crafting melody, composing instrumentation, mapping arrangements, and scoring interesting progressions for any type of genre. Carpet Booth has experience in rock, pop, folk, hip-hop, electronic, choral/orchestral, and more.


If you need a song, piece, or score written and recorded for an album, musical collection/compilation, video, commercial, film, documentary, conference, event, and more, Carpet Booth can compose and record a musical selection according to your specific needs.


Whether you are local or remote, Carpet Booth can track a variety of instruments for your recording project. Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitars, bass, pianos, keyboards, synths, and drums are some of the instruments available to be tracked for your song or album. We also provide guitar re-amping, vocal tuning, drum timing, audio repair, and other editing/mixing/mastering services you may need from a remote location.


If you are an audio engineer, producer, an artist with an existing engineer/producer, or a band/artist/music group and are in need of a high quality studio/rehearsal space, Carpet Booth provides our studio space for hourly rentals. Treated tracking rooms, high quality studio outboard gear, a wide variety of microphones, a PA system, and various instruments are available for use. Given our iMac Pro 27" Retina Display computer in house, photographers & videographers also love to edit and reference their work with the blend of impeccable visual & audio quality we have to offer.


Carpet Booth Studios provides you with a place to show fans, friends, and family your new music before anyone else through a small show or intimate listening party. Because we believe in the entire artistic process, this is a service provided at a discount for artists that record at Carpet Booth.


Voiceover work for your next commercial, advertisement, podcasting, audio book recording, audio capture for instructional and training videos, voicemail and call waiting production, and professional audio treatment from your last meeting or event are just a few of the examples of corporate work that can be done at the studio. Reach out to receive a quote for your next project.

Equipment Rental

Most of Carpet Booth's extensive gear list is available for outside rentals for your recording/live needs. Contact us for a specific quote and details.


"With the short time I spent with Zach in the studio, it was immediately clear that his focus, talent and charisma will likely take him down a successful path." - Mark Heimermann, Grammy, Dove, & ASCAP Award Winning Producer

"Zach has been a great musician to work with. He took good direction on the content we were looking for with a great understanding and quick grasp of our curation process. He was easy to work with as far as getting deliverables and we’re thrilled to have him as part of our library!" - FyrFly - Song Freedom, Music Licensing Platform

"We had an idea to create an original song for Rochester. That's all it was — an idea. Then Zach came along and turned that idea into a creation of enduring quality. He gave the city an anthem that we can all relate to and be proud of." - Sean Baker, Founder & Chief Editor of The Med City Beat

"It has been an honor working with Zach at Carpet Booth Studios. The passion and genuine care he has for music, and mine personally, is awe-inspiring. Zach has a willingness to bring my true visions to life with whatever means necessary, and he has the education, knowledge, experience, and passion to bring competitive quality to my sounds. I highly recommend his space and knowledge." - VILD, Recording Artist / Songwriter

"I recently completed a songwriting session with Zach at Carpet Booth Studios. His professional fusion of creativity, patience, and cleverness exceeded my expectations. I'm walking away feeling sharpened and excited to build this project with Zach's expertise laced through out the entire process." - Emily Brandt, Songwriter

“Zach and the team at Carpet Booth Studios impressed me with their professionalism and responsiveness. I needed help in recording a section of the audio version of my new book — Mark Of An Eagle — and they were able to meet a very tight deadline. I have no hesitation in recommending them.” - David McNally, Best-Selling Author of “Even Eagles Need a Push” & “Be Your Own Brand”